Eastern Ohio Grazing Council



“The Eastern Ohio Grazing Council’s goal is to promote the conservation of our soil and water by growing and grazing forages. Our pasture walks and meetings present new and old ideas for review, discussion and possible implementation.”




Next Event: September 25th, 6PM at Heritage Lane Farm near Salem. 

 History and Overview

The grazing council started in 2010 with Local producers assisted by Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison and Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the local Natural Resource Conservation Service. They plan a pasture walk the fourth Thursday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. The group offers assistance to landowners wanting to learn more about grazing and pastureland management. During the cold winter months the council holds indoor meetings to discuss various topics not covered in the summer.

The high cost of fertilizer and fuel should make everyone re-think grazing. We all face difficult circumstances or issues at our own farms and sometimes it is hard to resolve such problems. However, the Council is making resourceful people from local agencies and the community available to speak on important topics and then providing pasture walks where you can actually be in the field and see how others manage their pastures. So join the Eastern Ohio Grazing Council at their monthly pasture walks.

Please bring your lawn chairs and see what ideas you can take back to your farm.

After the events, everyone is encouraged to stick around to visit, have refreshments and ask questions. So, not only can you pick the brains of some experienced grazers, but you can do it while enjoying some great food.

If you have any questions about the Eastern Ohio Grazing Council or want more info on our next event, please contact Carroll SWCD at 330-627-9852

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